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Aerial photography services

Business helper provides aerial photographs and aerial videos of the ground and objects on it: land, properties, hotels, towns, golf & racing courses, businesses and many many more. We shoot from an elevated or direct-down position up to 100m. Our platform of choice are drones (Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems) equipped with high resolution cameras triggered remotely and automatically. So you could actually call it drone photography.

We provide high resolutions pictures (up to 4000/3000 pixels), which can be further edited if required (we could for instance add land boundaries to the picture).

Video footage we record is a full HD 1920x1080p with the frame rate 24/25/30. We can provide different flight filming patterns: reveal, flyover, orbit & panorama to mention just a few. Flight patterns can be combined to provide a stunning & unique presentation of your object.

Aerial video footage can be edited and incorporated to standard videos (non-aerial). We provide both standard and aerial video recording as well as video editing services.

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